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We have resumed our regular programming, including meeting on Sunday mornings for our weekly worship services and youth gatherings on Sunday evenings. Subscribe to our weekly newsletters for up-to-date information about our events.

We are also returning to more relaxed guidelines for fellowship gatherings. We will now allow the serving of family-style dishes instead of only individually wrapped portions, and we will begin hosting church-sponsored meals again.


We have a team ready to provide support in the uncertain days and weeks ahead. If you are in need of prayer, groceries, medicine, or even human interaction, please send an email to and our team will work with you to coordinate and help in any way we can!


Center Church is continuing to do the work of spreading the Gospel, and we need your continued support to make that happen.  If you aren't attending our in-person worship services, please consider sending your offering via mail:

Center Church, EPC

333 Center Church Road

Grove City, PA 16127

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